Thursday, September 07, 2006

"The World Passes Through Here"

Well, it only took 12 days for me to get sick! I'll spare the details, but yesterday I woke up feeling gross and after showering and getting dressed, thinking I would be fine, I made one too many trips to the bathroom and called in sick. As much as I was sick in Honduras, you think I'd be used to a little stomach virus, but it always takes so much out of you. My coworkers were very nice and constantly called to see if I needed anything. My officemate, a French woman who happens to be an RN, came by to visit, bearing gifts of saltines and rehydration salts.

I'm posting some pictures of Lobito I took this weekend. The first is a sign that says "Lobito: The World Passes Through Here." Now, you might laugh... until you see all the Portuguese, Brazilians, Norwegians, and Americans that live here, mostly working for oil companies. The sign was used as a blockade for Lobito Day then taken down. The second is a picture of a sculpture that is in the port. There's no explanation for her, just one of those things something thought would look good among all the tankers. The third is a picture of the bay side of Restinga, the peninsula-like neighborhood where I will be living. (The other side is ocean.) My coworker lives steps away from here and has some kayaks that he takes out to go fishing. It's still too cold to go swimming (according to the Angolans- it's about 72 degrees right now), but in a few months it should be great.


Scottish Missy said...

Glad to know you're alive if a few pounds lighter.

That statue looks rather like the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen Harbour. Which happens to be one of the top contenders for overrated tourist attraction of the century.

Man, I wish it were in the 70s here - our 'heat wave' was in July and now it's definately autumn. Anything over 65-70F in Scotland calls for tank tops and a trip to the closest beach. But at least this year I get to relive summer for a few weeks in Australia!


sir_chancelot said...

What did you eat that got your sick? Street-food chicken? Remember the Copan death sausage!! But I guess it is better to get the sickness out of the way now. Your stomach will toughen up. But you already have lots of experience with that.
love, Sir Chancelot

mas2df said...


Thanks for letting your family know you have a blog. Mom let me in on the secret.

Glad to hear you are doing well and there are no Chupacabra.

sir_chancelot said...

Les, when I send emails to your Gmail account, they bouce back. Any idea what is up?