Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This is where I live.

I live towards the second half of Restinga (the name of this little peninsula). A friend took this picture from the lighthouse on the other side of the bay. I haven't made it out there yet. The bay is allegedly the deepest in Africa.

This is the ponta, or "point" at the end of Restinga. There are a few restaurants and bars. Also a popular place for families to picnic and for bandidos to cause trouble.
This is my apartment building, one of the tallest buildings on Restiga at 6 stories tall. I live on the 4th story.

More pictures of my actual apartment later!


sir_chancelot said...

Umm . . . looks like you live in a pretty nice place. People are not going to feel sorry for you after seeing these photos. Looks nicer than Montrose, Houston, Texas. Water looks cleaner than any down here.
Beware the banditos! Viva Sir Chancelot!!!

Leslie said...

Yeah, but more than half of the houses on Restinga are not even hooked up to the municipal water system and have to have huge tanks of water delivered every 3 days! And that's the NICE part of town!