Saturday, February 24, 2007


This is been a very busy week: I moved offices, moved houses, took over a major project, got salmonella poisoning, and lost then found my digital camera. Phew!

Posting will be light in the next two weeks. I am going to Johannesburg, South Africa for a work conference- assuming I get my passport back from the DEFA void, where it was been since November. I'm ready to get out of Angola for a few days- I've been here for almost six months without leaving! I'm also very excited to go to Jo'burg for some shopping! The hotel where I will be staying is across the street from a mall, so I am VERY excited to go there and drop some cash. The American consumer in me has been dying with nothing but food and drink the spend money on in the last six months.


Scottish Missy said...

Salmonella...yuck. I much prefer to study stomach bugs rather than get them! (Been there, done that). But when it comes down to it, you can just as easily get salmonella in the US or UK as in Africa.

Have fun down South. Be careful in J'burg though - not the safest place in Africa. Let me know if you are ever over in Cape Town as I've got family there.

Sending good passport return karma...


Carolyn said...

Do be careful. Don't let them liberate your cash without something in return!!!And have fun.

mas2df said...

You should also be careful of the dreaded #90 phone scammers. They will get you when you least expect it