Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bag returned...

Today at 4 pm I was finally reunited with my bag. I then had to wait in the Longest Customs Line in the World. This woman was literally checking every single suitcase. I've been through my fair share of airports, and I have never seen a custams agent look through every single bag. And not just open to have a quick look- she had her latex gloves on and was searching through the enitre bag, opening shampoo bottles even! There was a family of five- with 3 young kids. The poor things had two suitcases per person totalling TEN. When they got to the front, the father begged the agent- "Please do not make us open all of them, the children and very tired and need to go home." At first the agent had no sympathy, but after 4 suitcases she gave up.

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