Friday, August 29, 2008

DR at the Olympics

I've been quite busy the last few weeks with work trips, hurricanes, tropical storms and moving. Not much time for posting.

Yesterday the DR's Olympic medalists were welcomed home and received their cash rewards from the government for winning medals. I heard a bit of the ceremony on the radio as I was battling Santo Domingo traffic on my way home. A few weeks ago, President Leonel Fernandez was sworn-in for his second term in office.

Like any good political party, Fernandez and his ilk were sure to not be totally corwded out of by spotlight by the Olympic heroes. The emcee said something (loosely translated) along the lines of, "The other day I was talking to a child who said to me, 'It's so wonderful that everytime President Fernandez wins the Dominican Republic gets Olympic medals." (He was referring to the 400m hurdles gold medal won by Felix Sanchez in Athens in 2004.)

Oh, really? Hmm. This "child" seems awfully politically astute for... well.. a child.

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