Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why I've been absent

One of the more exciting reasons I haven't posted in a while- in other words, the only reason other than work- is that I've finally settled into life in Santo Domingo and have a things to do other than sit and home bored. Hooray for my fledgling social life! My friend and former coworker from Angola also came to visit from the other side of Hispanola (she was working in Haiti), giving me the motivation to finally get out of the house and start seeing this beautiful place where I live. Most importantly, after almost 6 months in the DR, I can finally say that I've been to the beach. Here are a few pictures:

From the malecón, which runs along the edge of Santo Domingo.

The beach at Juan Dolio

Dominican beauty at Juan Dolio

At the start of El Conde in the Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo

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Laurie said...

I am glad you are getting out and enjoying the country. I totally understand. Sitting home and blogging can be therapeutic but also at times BORING. I hope to go to Valle de Angeles again soon. Tomorrow if the weather is ok, I may go to see friends in Comayayagua in Honduras. Have fun!