Thursday, February 19, 2009

Direct flight USA - Angola?!

According to AngoNoticias, in September Delta Airlines is to begin a twice weekly flight to Luanda. The flight will originate in Atlanta and stop in Ilha do Sal, Cabo Verde before heading to Luanda.

In my opinion, it is a huge mistake to make Atlanta the US city of destination. I mean, it's not like Houston is a strategic city of interest to Angola, right? Yeah, I know Atlanta is the hub city for Delta and I clearly have a bias in favor of Houston. (In December I had the misfortune of Delta cancelling a flight, forcing me to stay in Atlanta.) Heck, there's not even an Angolan consulate in Atlanta to submit an application for a visa you will never get...


Anonymous said...

what is your problem with Atlanta. Do you know the logistics in cordinating the airplanes?

Leslie said...

I have nothing against Atlanta. I only know the airport and it ain't so bad.

But if you know Angola and the Americans who fly there, Atlanta does not make as much sense as, say, Houston.

The vast majority of Americans who fly to Angola are in the oil industry, which seems to be centered in Houston.

I don't see much incentive for oil companies, which now charter direct flights from Luanda to Houston, to suddenly switch to a commercial airline which will take more time by going to Atlanta, Cape Verde and THEN Luanda.