Saturday, April 18, 2009

Conversations I Have Had: 2nd Jamaican Edition

English is the dominant language both in my home country (USA) and Jamaica. Communication shouldn't be a problem right? 

Conversation #1
Setting: Restaurant in Kingston
Background info: Ting is a Jamaican grapefruit soda

Waitress: Do do you want to drink?
Me: Diet Coke, please. 
Waitress: No, sorry. No Diet Coke. You want a Ting?
Me, repeating my earlier order: Uh, yes, I want the grilled chicken sandwich. 
Waitress: No, do you want a TING?! 

(I thought she said, "Do you want anything?" and, for some reason. completely forgotten the order.)

Conversation #2:
Setting: Department store in Kingston mall, browsing in the clothing section

Staff: You t'rough?
Me: No, I'm still looking.  Is the store closing?
Staff: Huh?
Me: Is the store closing? 
Staff, who is clearly smarter than I: No! (laughs) Are you TRUE? Are you alright, need help?

(I thought she asked if I was THROUGH and was telling me I had to leave the store. At 3 pm in the afternoon on a workday.)

Clearly I have a problem with the "th" in Jamaica. 

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Laurie said...

Drink your TING, ma'am. Please.