Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Special witchcraft edition

One of my favorite things about Lobito is the packs of goats that roam the streets, looking for garbage to eat. The packs total up to 15 and there is always one clear leader that the others run after. My other experience with goats was in Honduras. In Honduras, there was no way you could let your goats roam free; your neighbors would see them and think, “Vamos a almorzar cabrita!” ("We're having goat for lunch!") I thought Lobitanos were very respectful of private property- until I learned the REAL reason that no one takes the goats: bruxeria (witchcraft)! Yes, if you take a goat that is not yours, you will fall prey to witches. Those little baby goats running around look innocent, but now I know better.

Witches don’t limit their spells to goats. If you lend someone money and later ask for it to be repaid, that money will be hexed and only bad things will befall you: bruxeria! So be very careful when lending out money.


A Couple of Tarts said...

Happy Halloween Leslie!

uncle John said...

Dear Leslie,
Enjoyed reading your blog. Hopefully I can gain some insight about Africa and Angola since I'm very naive about the circumstances there.
We had a great time in Vegas. Your Dad took some video poker lessons from me and played for 45 min. on $20. He had a lot of fun.
Sheila went with us; since she has turned 21 in march I can corrupt her with a clear conscience.
Love JJS heila

sir_chancelot said...

I love goats!