Monday, September 10, 2007

At home!

I'm at home in Houston for a few weeks on my annual home leave. Plenty of Tex-Mex, BBQ and shopping! I probably won't be posting much- no exciting stories about gun shots outside my windows or crazy visa problems.

This vacation gives me a much needed rest from work and Angola. I've been home only a few days, but already I feel engerized. Hopefully it will carry over when I return to Angola!


eduardo waghorn said...

Sailing through blogs I found your interesting space...
I want to send you a warm hug from Chile.
Visit my blogs if you want.

eduardo waghorn said...

I was looking the amazing pics from Angola...Id like to link you from my Image's blog...hope you dont mind:)
Take a look to my own space!

eduardo waghorn said...

No update?:)
Anyway, a hug!