Monday, September 24, 2007

NYC 2007

This is how fast my trip went by.

I'm back in Houston after 10 days in NY. I lived in NY before leaving for Angola, so it felt like a homecoming.

Spencer Finch piece at Mass MoCA

First on the agenda was a road trip to North Adams, MA to attend the wedding of my good friends Liz and Greg. It was at the Mass MoCA, America's largest comtemporary arts musuem, a beautiful space for the event. They had an excellent exhibition by Spencer Finch. It was a beautiful wedding, very reflective of who they are as people.

At the hairpin turn in North Adams

I spent the following week in NY, revisiting my old haunts. I didn't visit any museums or do anything touristy; for me it was more important to see friends. And shop, shop, shop!

Cesar and me

Arie and me

Under the Brooklyn Bridge at night, after eating a ton of Grimaldi's pizza.

Jade and me

All in all, it was a wonderful visit. A bit too wonderful, actually! It was bittersweet to be around so many real friends whom I have known for years. I don't exactly have that in Angola. And of course, New York City is the greatest city on earth, so how can I not miss it?


eduardo waghorn said...
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eduardo waghorn said...

So welcome back to NY!:)
Thank you for the nice pics...
Greetings to you from the spring of Chile!

Bahiana said...

We miss you Leslie! Was great to see you!!!