Friday, November 09, 2007

Life ain't so bad after all

Last weekend I had the pleasure of receiving a visit from my Peace Corps sitemate, who happens to work in Luanda. I hadn't seen the guy in over 6 years! He was blown away by Lobito and the life here. I did more in the long weekend he was here than I normally do all week! His enthusiasm was infectious, and I've been a lot more positive about being here since then. I've even revived my 5:45 am running schedule. Getting up at 5:30 ain't so hard when you're greeted by a sunrise like this. (Okay, this is an old picture is from the balcony of my old apartment, but you get the idea.) Maybe I'm still high from my time at home, but life ain't so bad in Lobito. At least it's not Luanda!

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Geraldo said...

Olá Dear Leslie,

I without doubt agree with you that: "Life is not so bad after all." But this depend on many subjects; do not you agree? For exemplo: a person who is suffering of a grave ilness, this person I suppose do not agree with this statment.
Well each head has its sentence of its own.
I live in Brazil, and as you have said that have interest in Latin America in general and Brazil inclusive, I tell you that Brasil is great and beautiful.
Your blog is wonderful.....
Kind regards from Brasil