Friday, September 19, 2008

Conversations I Have Had: Landlord Excuse of the Day

Background: I've had a leaky ceiling in my closet for over a month now. The landlord knows about it. The landlord (LL) also knows that the last time the electrician was in my apartment "fixing" my dryer, he disconnected the power line to my electric oven. He has done nothing about either. He was in Puerto Rico all last week buying a 40" plama TV, so of course he couldn't do anything about it right then! He and the electrician were supposed to come yesterday afternoon to fix the stove. I ran home and was forced to skip the gym in order to meet them. They stood me up. LL ignored my phone calls.

Me: Hello LL. Why didn't you come yesterday?
LL: Oh, Leslie! You see, I'm so angry with the electrician! He stood me up! Can you believe these Dominincans?! [LL is from Costa Rica]
Me: Well, I know some Costa Ricans who did the same to me.
LL: You know other Costa Ricans?!
Me: No, you didn't call me to tell me you weren't coming. I had other things to do that I had to cancel. I wasted my time.
LL: Oh, right, I'm sorry but you see, the guy stood me up! Can you believe these Dominicans? And then I got all the way home and realized I left my cell phone in my car. And then I didn't want to go down to get it from the car. So it's not my fault.
Me: So when are you coming to fix everything? Tomorrow? [He said the ceiling would be fixed on Saturday, which is tomorrow.]
LL: Oh no, I'm going to the country. [Silence]... Oh!
ME: [Silence]
LL: But it's possible that the administrator and repairman might come tomorrow to fix it.
Me: It's "possible" or are they coming?
LL: Well, you know how these Dominicans are...

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