Friday, March 23, 2007

Angolan Ninjas in Zimbabwe?

I came across this mysterious article on the BBC News website this afternoon. The Ninjas, a fearsome, black-uniformed arm of the Angolan police, has allegedly been sent to Zimbabwe to train its police force. Hmm. I think the article does well in explaining why this might be worrisome. Zim says, "Yes, they're coming!" And Angola says, "Who? What? What police officers?"

Zimbabwe, meanwhile, is rapidly falling to pieces. Seriously. It's frightening. When I was in Jo'burg a few weeks ago, a Zimbabwean colleague participated, representing our justice and peace programming there. These days she has a difficult job, to say the least. But the saddest to me was how during every break she was calling her teenage daughters in Harare, making sure they were okay. And during every lunch hour she would wolf down her food and run to the mall next door to basic basic things- medicine, underwear, food- to take them to her family and friends.

Not sure if this is getting any coverage in the US. Somehow I don't think so...

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