Thursday, March 29, 2007

I wonder why they picked Angola...

Six Eritrean footballers have requested political asylum in Angola after their 2008 African Cup of Nations qualifier in Luanda on Sunday.

Eritrea is no laughing matter these days. (Our Eritrean country program was kicked out of there a long time ago for being uppity and questioning human rights and development issues.) It must be really bad for them to seek assylum in Angola, of all places. Perhaps it was the timing. Or perhaps they were astounded by Angolan's futebol skills, after the Angolans beat them 6 to 1. Go Palancas Negras!

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sir_chancelot said...

Can you send me some Palancas Negras stickers, please? Or maybe a lapel pin? They would go well with my Houston Dynamo collection.