Thursday, March 22, 2007

Just how hot is it in Lobito?

It's really hot here. Like, Houston in August hot. (You New York City people might think you know what hot and humid is, but unless you've been in Houston in July or August, you've still got a bit of learning to do!)

People here sleep outside because it's way too hot to sleep indoors, as you can see with these tents. I took these at my old apartment building: the one at left is from an apartment on the first floor and held about 6 giggling kids. The one below is from the house next door, and held a small family of three. In the mornings when I run along the beach road, you can see rows of dozens of people laid out along the beach, seeking respite from the heat.

So, of course, in the middle of all this heat my air conditioner goes kaput. It's in my bedroom, the one room in the house that doesn't get much breeze. So I'm suffering a little. But thankfully haven't been forced to camp out. Yet.

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