Monday, August 27, 2007

Angola wins AfroBasket

Even garbage trucks have come down with AfroBasket fever!

Angola with their trophy, from

As predicted, Angola kicked but and won the AfroBasket tournament. Cameroon gave them a run for their money, tying at several points in the game. But by the end of the third quarter it was clear who was going to win. When it was finally over, Lobito erupted. Cars and motorcycles started the procession around town, with constant honking and bodies hanging off screaming.

The game was over before 9 p.m. but I knew the partying would go on for a long time. However, by the time I went to bed (around midnight) most of the activity had died down. Except next door. For some reason, two of the young men that live in the house next to mine (who were making such a ruckus a few weeks ago) felt the need to carry on the party. Their form of merrymaking was the noisemakers that Unitel the cell phone company, gave out as the tournament started. Remember the noisemakers you got at kids’ birthday parties, the ones you blow into and the paper uncurls? Imagine that sound, magnified by 30 bazillion. These two guys sat and blew these things all night long. They only took a break to take a deep breath and start again. Just when I thought they were getting tired, a car would drive by honking reminding them that they too should be making as much noise as humanly possible. I finally got some rest after 3:30 am.

Apart from that, I got a kick out of seeing how happy everyone was. I think Americans are spoiled by how awesome we are in pretty much everything (ha ha) and forget that winning a tournament can be a big deal. Angolans are very proud of their team, as they should be.

Here is a not-very-visible video from my camera, but you get the idea:

And here is one complete with sirens. No, those cops are not keeping order, they're celebrating!

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