Thursday, August 02, 2007

President Kabila of DRC Comes to Lobito!

Joseph Kabila, the president of Angola's neighbor the Democratic Republic of Congo, recently came to Angola for an official visit. DRC and Angola resolved a border dispute. And then Mr. Kabila decided to come to Lobito to visit Sonamet, a subsidiary of the state oil company. He stayed at their guest house, which is visible from Juan’s house. (This explains why they were furiously doing all sorts of water and electricity work on the block where the house sits.) Apparently, Lobito is now a "seaside resort," according to this article. I wish!

Traffic between Restinga and the commercial center was completely blocked for about 20 minutes. I had the pleasure of sitting in my car during this time. As usual, motorcycle drivers thought the law didn’t apply to them and tried to go around the road block. It was extremely satisfying to see one get stopped by a cop and be escorted away.

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