Monday, August 13, 2007

Some tidbits on the health of Angolans

Job training?

CNN reports that TEN people have been stricken with polio in 2007. Don't go around thinking polio has been eradicated from the earth, like I did before coming to Angola.

I wish this article was in English! Basically, it talks about how Angolan women make a living carrying things on their head. In the article, one woman states that she carries bags of cement on her head for between 300 - 500 Kwanzas (between US$4 - $6.67). That can't be good for your spine. A lot of people justify the presence of Chinese workers in Angola saying that Angolans would not do the same work the Chinese do. I've never bought that argument, given cases like this one. Carrying heavy things on your head is not an easy way to make a buck, that's for sure.

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