Monday, May 05, 2008

50 Cent Robbed in Angola! UPDATE

The guy who stole 50 Cent's chain in Angola was turned in- by his family!

According to this article, his family saw him on television and turned him in on Sunday afternoon. (The concert took place on Wednesday.)

Here's where it gets suspicious:
Despois de se entregar, o jovem assumiu ter sido o autor do furto mas disse ter perdido o colar logo de seguida.
After turning himself in, the youth took responsibility for being the author of the crime, but said he lost the necklace soon after.

Oh, how convenient! The article says the necklace was worth over 600,000 Euros. Yes, I'm sure the guy "lost" it! Smart guy- he gets street cred for being the guy ballsy enough to steal a necklace off of 50 Cent in front of thousands of people- AND by probably waiting until after he sold it, he gets to profit from it!

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Sir Chancelot said...

I just watched it . . . what's so funny is that the guy who stole the necklace was a security guard-typer person, was he not? Ha! Access to his prey was too easy. I am sure Fiddy-Cint got paid enough money for that concert to buy himself a new necklace.