Saturday, May 03, 2008

50 Cent Robbed in Angola!

Wow. This is pretty brazen. According to this article, 50 Cent was in the middle of performing a concert in Luanda when a "fan"passed through the stage security, hopped on stage and STOLE A NECKLACE OFF OF 50 CENT! And you know it wasn't just any old necklace.

50 Cent and G-Unit refused to continue with the show unless the necklace was returned. Obviously, that was the end of the show.

Here's one video of the event taking place (fast forward to around 1:40, although if you want to hear an Angolan attempting to rap in English, listen to the whole thing). The owner of the camera pretty much sums it up: Porrra! Ese maluco! (Sh*t! Dude's crazy!)

Oh, and he was appearing at the Festival Internacional da Paz- International Peace Festival. No need to point out the irony.


Michael said...

That is the coolest! I always wondered if American rappers could hold their own in Angola. I guess this video answers that.

Anonymous said...

well this wasnt 50`s first time in Angola but i´m pretty sure it was his last...