Friday, May 09, 2008

More on the kid who robbed 50 Cent

According to MTV, 50 Cent's necklace is safe and sound with him. Hmmm.

According to Angonoticias, the police are still on the search for the missing necklace, valued at over US $1 million. The kid is in jail awaiting trial. As a suspect he had 3 options: prisao preventiva (preventive jailing) which keeps him in jail unti he goes to trial; liberdade privisória (provisional liberty) which is akin to being on bail; or plain old liberdade, freedom based on a lack of evidence. Smartly, they kept the guy.

What's interesting is that the article notes that the guy is part of a very influential family in Angola, one that has a strong presence in politics and the arts. In previous articles they have mentioned his name- Bruno Carvalho- directly, but now suddenly he's just "the suspect." Hmmm. Divaldo Martins, the head of Luanda province''s Police Department had this to say:
"Nao se trata de um delinquente habitual e este episódio pode ser enquadrado no ambito de situacoes semelhantes em que fas de artistas tentam a todo o custo obter objectos dos seus ídolos."

"This is not a case of a repeat offender or delinquent, and this episode can be classified as one of [many] similar situations in which fans of an artist will try at any cost to get an object from one of their idols."

Now, I'm a fan of Willie Nelson, but when my family and I went to Branson, MO (The New Nashville!) and saw Willie Nelson perform at the Ozark Theater, I did not jump up on stage and try to steal one of his many bandanas.

I'm sure this qualification by the police commander has nothing to do with the important connections this guy's family has. I'm sure had it been a street kid or son of a vendedora ambulante (street vendor), he would have the same response. (Sarcasm should be obvious.)


Michael said...

Branson is more commonly referred to as "Hillbilly Hollywood" if I am not mistaken. I think I saw an advertisement for it while I was in Puerto Rico - which is really nice by the way.

Anonymous said...

There are some other great
Branson shows there. You should check some of them out!