Monday, April 28, 2008

2 Continents, 3 Countries, 7 days

Only 6 days after arriving in the DR, I got on a plane to Jamaica, where the majority of my projects are based. It's been a bit exhausting traveling to all these place in such a short time. I'm sick of being on planes!

There's a line on the Jamaican immigration form that asks you how many countries you've visisted in the last 6 weeks. Normally I might fudge the truth a bit to avoid any problems, but I realized I would actually be presenting my passport with a record of where I've actually been, so I would have to tell the truth. The total number was four: Namibia (for visa renewal), Angola, the Dominician Republic and now Jamaica. (Five if you count transit time in Miami.)

The sweet immigration lady took one look at my form and said, "Oh Miss, please tell me you have an immunization record with you." I proudly produced my WHO card and she smiled and said, "Oh, you're a smart girl." Such a nice change from the previous immigration official I had encountered!

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Kate said...

2 Continents, 4 Countries, 7 days. Six countries in the last 6 weeks. But NOT nearly so exotic as yours - and it's a lot easier to go from country to country in Europe. It's a 30 minute train ride from Denmark to Sweden with no passport check.

Hope it's working out in the DR. I head back to North America in about two weeks.