Monday, April 07, 2008

We have a winner

According to CNN, Augusta Urica has won Miss Landmine 2008! Parabens! Her picture can be found here. There's also a nice slideshow there.

As the winner, she received her crown from the First Lady, Ana Paola. She wins a new artifical limb (which, from what I have seen, are prety rare here) and US$2,500.

Now, I tried to go on the website and see which province she represents, but she's not listed as a contestant. Odd. After some Googling, I found out that she is from Luanda. No offense to Miss Urica, but Luanda always wins everything! It would have been nice for someone from a province to win, like Huambo, Benguela or Bie, since those are the provinces most affected by landmines (I believe).

Also, I was mistaken when I said that this event took place last year. This apparently is the first yearo f the contest, although I could have sworn I read something about this last year. Oh well.


Sir Chancelot said...

Well, I'm about to cry. They are all really striking; it takes courage to do something like that. They are wll winners! I think it says a lot about the country that they even put on this contest. Must have been a big deal to have the First Lady there, neh?

Mark said...

Actually, I don't think it was a put together by the country of Angola. I believe it was put together by a Norwegian photographer.

Leslie said...

Yes Mark, you're right, it was not organized by the Angolan government. Various government ministries participated but the organization and concept originated in a European artist. (Don't remember which country, however!)