Monday, June 25, 2007

Catumbela barragem

Anne with son Weni (age 5, left) and daughter Kadja (age 3, right)

You can barely make out women going down to the river to fill up tubs of water...

The weather in Lobito has finally cooled down a bit. In the morning and at night, it’s cool enough to where I use a jacket or long-sleeves. Of course, according to Angolans, it is absolutely freezing outside, although at its coldest I would say it is in the low 60s. I get a kick out of one of the guards that wears a down coat at night.

It makes for perfect outdoor weather, so on Saturday my French friend (former coworker) Anne and I went with her two kids to the Catumbela barragem, which was about an hour away from Lobito. It’s not much more than a dam, but it’s surrounded by some pretty mountains. It was a nice afternoon away from Lobito.

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