Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My New Best Friend

A little over two weeks ago, I arrived at work and found a big commotion. Three baby kittens had somehow gotten inside the office and were meowing their heads off. They were adorable and I asked one of the custodial staff what he was going to do with them. He said, "Oh, leave them alone. They'll probably die." My bleeding heart couldn't bear it, so I offered to take one.

As fate had it, that was the day I came down with typhoid, so taking little Kitty home with me wasn't really an option. When I got back to work the next week, the kitties had indeed died. I felt guilty, but mostly sad because I was really looking forward to having a cat, someone to keep my company.

I shared my woes with a friend, and last Friday he knocked at my door with this beautiful black kitten that had been hanging around his backyard. He caught his dog snapping at it, so he brought it over to me. Isn't she cute?!

Her name is Willie, after one of my favorite Willie Nelson songs ("Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain") because she has blue eyes and cries a lot. Her favorite toy is my stove/oven, because she can play with her reflection. Her favorite sleeping spot is inside the back of the fridge, because the motor is nice and warm. This makes me nervous but so far she has outsmarted all my attempts to keep her out of there.

I was nervous about getting a pet because I will have to leave it behind when I leave. However, a friend has already offered to take her when I leave, so I know she'll have a good home. In the meantime, she's made being at home so often a much more enjoyable experience.
She also likes sleeping on my neck.


Anonymous said...

She's adorable!


Anonymous said...

Angola cats, hummm is that what they use to make angora sweaters? JUST KIDDING- Willie is super cute!!