Friday, June 29, 2007

One less Angolan airline to make me late

Photo of the accident from AngolaPress (ANGOP).

I doubt we'll be flying much TAAG again....

M'BANZA CONGO, Angola (Reuters) -- A Boeing 737 belonging to Angola's state TAAG airline has crashed in the northern city of M'banza Congo, killing at least six people and badly injuring others, Angola's ANGOP news agency reports.

Full English article here.

Portuguese articles here and here.

I wonder if the plane was one of the new ones that TAAG bought this year. They still haven't determined the cause of the accident, but apparently it happened as the plane was trying to land.

UPDATE: I hadn't even noticd, but I was scheduled on a TAAG flight from Luanda to London in September! No longer! Cross your fingers for my colleague Sandra, who still has to fly TAAG to Ondjiva on Sunday.

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Scottish Missy said...

Yup. TAAG's made the list of airlines forbidden to fly to any European Union country. So definitely no flights to London!