Thursday, June 14, 2007

Home Sweet Home

A view of the sunset from from my kitchen window.

My parents asked me to post pictures of my apartment so they could see where I live. The link is here. The apartment is the size of a small one story house, definitely a nice change from the tiny New York apartments I lived in for four years. It's very bare bones. Few decorations, apart from the bronze plaque from the former Soviet Consulate to Angola.

The most amazing thing about the apartment is the building that it is in. Apart from being across from The Most Dangerous Block in Lobito, the building is located in a prime spot. We locked in the lease for the apartment during the war, so it was dirt cheap. We are good tenants who pay all their bills on time, so it’s a good gig for the landlord. Which is why it was surprising a months ago when we received a letter letting us know that an offer had been made on the building and that if one of us tenants wanted to buy the building at the same price or higher, as residents we had that right. The buyer’s offer? $1.8 MILLION DOLLARS! Yes, American dollars! Just another sign of how elevated prices are in this country. No word yet on if the sale has been finalized and if I’ll have to move yet again.

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