Monday, June 25, 2007

Great example: the guy in the middle is rocking a Veggie Tales t-shirt. He also gave us a chicken, which David from CDA is holding.

I’ve posted before about the used clothing trade here in Angola. Nothing much is manufactured in Angola, let alone clothes, so most Angolans buy their clothing from the used clothing stalls in the market. I did this a lot in Honduras when I was in the Peace Corps. The clothes were cheap and of decent quality, and I began to understand the Honduran rumor that American bought their clothes and would throw them away after they got dirty. (How else could such good quality used clothing be explained? Most Hondurans wear their clothes until they fall off their body because they can’t afford much else. Logically, Americans have SO much money that they can just throw clothes away, no need to wash them!)

I was a little disappointed by the used clothing options in the market here in Lobito. Maybe I just don’t have the patience to go through them like I did in Honduras. They were also more expensive- or least more expensive for me, the obviously rich foreigner- up to US$6 for a tank top. I’ll save my money and get a new tank top at Old Navy when I go home.

I love seeing ironic English-language t-shirts on people. I keep a list of the good ones. I’d love to take pictures, but I would feel awkward about that.

Here are some of my favorites:

I Survived Legislative Fitness Day (on a fat boy)

I Love Singapore

Front: STATE SUX! Back: TOP 10 REASONS WHY STATE SUX! (This was funny because it never specified what school it was for and which state they were talking about.)

It’s My Perogative! (On an elderly woman)

If I Throw a Stick Will You Runaway? (On a sweet, village elder near Cubal)

Aaron Cohen’s 1999 Bar Mitzvah: THE MILLENIUM!

I Don’t Need Therapy, I Need $MONEY$!

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