Monday, June 04, 2007

Wild Wild Lobito, Pt. 4: The Most Dangerous Block in Restinga

I think it’s official. The triangulo, the little island in front of my house with the mini-mart and rolote, is the most dangerous spot in Lobito. Or at least Restinga.

Friday, around 7 pm, I was in the kitchen. I had the veranda doors open as usual, and suddenly heard a horrible screeching noise, followed by what sounded like a huge explosion. In reality, there was no explosion, just a four-car pile up. A car had come around the slight curve in front of the triangulo and hadn’t anticipated that there might be other cars on the road. (Other cars on one of the city's busiest roads? Imagine that!) It was coming in at around 50 mph and in the wrong lane. Miraculously, no one was injured- and no one tried to flee the scene so no gun shots were fired! The guilty party really couldn’t flee the scene though- mainly because his car was totaled, but also because within 5 seconds of the accident, approximately 200 people flooded into the street and surrounded the car.

Just another exciting night in Lobito!

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